Extra Services & Rates

Pet Boarding Rates in

Southborough, Massachusetts

One Dog: $42 per day
Two Dogs Together: $65 per day (same pen)
Three Dogs Together: $88 per day (same pen)

One Cat: $30 per day
Two CatsTogether: $45 per day (same pen)
Three Cats Together: $60 per day (comes with two joined pens)

Southboro Kennels offers playtime for an additional charge. We will spend special time with your dog in our huge yard and the cost is $5.00 extra per dog. It can be done individually or in a group setting*. We are happy to throw a ball for your dog, or to simply provide extra love and belly rubs. You may sign your dog up for a maximum of two playtimes per day.

$5 per dog per session (up to two per day)

Southboro kennels is happy to give your dog a bath before he or she goes home. We do not provide full grooming services, which may be required if your dogs coats is extra long or heavily matted. Please inquire upon drop-off for exact rate quotes.

Small & Medium Dogs: $20–$30
Large Dogs: $30–$40

Contact our pet boarding facility in Southborough Massachusetts to learn more about our services.

“Southborough Kennels is wonderful!: We love our two goldens so much, we hate to be away from them. However, when we do have to leave them,
SOUTHBOROUGH KENNELS is the only facility we will trust them to. Amber and Ginger are so happy to go visit their “second home”! Each time we pick them up, they are happy and healthy as usual . This was not the case at the other places we had tried. Lastly, we will cancel a vacation if Southborough
Kennels is not available to them…that’s how much we love our dogs and how much we trust Southborough Kennels.”

— Happy Family of Amber & Ginger